Take control on your distribution

We bring on-site visual merchandising to wholesale distributors giving them vision and control on their distribution.

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Your Challenges

Do you manage a wholesale retail distribution?

Do you have a good visibility inside your points of sale?

Optimizing your in-store presence has an enormous impact on sales performance but is difficult without visibility.

Do you know how your products are presented?

Can you find all the opportunities for improvement?

Do you have the information to invest effectively in your points of sale?

Are you able to monitor and verify the implementation of your investments?

Ask your field teams to give you the vision in your points of sale

Demandez à vos équipes de terrain de vous donner la vision dans vos points de vente

It’s difficult for you to keep track of where your products are sold?

Your sales teams open, close and update new points of sale every day and you struggle to keep track?

Not easy to keep an up-to-date list of your points of sale?

Not easy to approve authorized dealers because of a lack of visibility?

Not easy to enforce compliance in your points of sales?

Visualize and approve your points of sales in 1-click!!

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Communication with the sales teams is difficult?

You work with teams scattered around the globe and the communication is difficult?
It's difficult for you to communicate important information to your team and you hardly get feedback from your teams?

Do you have a smooth and efficient communication with your sales teams?

Can you easily gather market feedback from your field teams?

Can you easily share new documents and information to your teams?

Did you reach the limit that emails or Whatsapp can do?

Keep your team up-to-date in real time

Keep your team up-to-date in real time

It is difficult to manage teams distributed in several countries / continents?

Your sales teams are scattered around the globe? You work with independent distributors? That's a lot of people to manage!

Do you find it difficult to keep track of the tasks assigned to your field teams?

Would you like to improve your control over the performance of your teams?

Is it complicated to communicate the latest sales or product presentation documents?

Visualize and approve your points of sales in 1-click!

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Discover how we can help you!

Sales Vision is an App that help you improve your distribution, very easily.

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As distributor of premium brands like Hugo Boss Stationary, enforcing compliance is among our top priorities.
Thanks to the visual reporting tool, we can fully assess the prospect based on the pictures taken by the agent and its location on the map.
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Nicolas Boreque Director at Distri-Brands


Points of Sales under management with Sales Vision.